6:58 AM

Today was day 1 of my 5 day Get Outta Bed Challenge.

I naturally woke up at 6:58 am.

This was not as horrible as I was anticipating. I thought I would wake up at exactly 5:31 am, but my body was kinder to me than I expected.

I did want to stay in bed, of course. I slept with the room a little warmer, but with lighter bed coverings, so I was just the right temperature. If I am too cold, then of course I don’t want to get out of bed. If I am too hot, then sleeping is a miserable fight.

I hit the Goldilocks sweet mine last night. I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly, sans nightmares featuring movie stars.

My morning ritual includes the following:

  1. Tinkle
  2. Weighing myself
  3. Putting on robe and slippers
  4. Boiling water for tea
  5. Checking emails
  6. Consuming tea

Today, doing all of those things only cost me about 15 minutes, which meant it was before 7:30 am when I started to work. It was kind of wondrous.

By 9:00 am, I had edited an Excel file, edited a PowerPoint file, written a stellar, but concise email, checked all of my personal emails, and browsed through Anthropologie. I even had enough energy to resist the urge to buy something from Anthro. Talk about a winning morning!

I feel like the rest of my day was good, too. I was energetic, even though I didn’t take any vitamins or B12 tablets until about 2:00 pm. I don’t drink coffee and I only had 2 cups of tea today.

We are off to the races!

What’s your favorite morning ritual? Tell me in the comments section below!

Until tomorrow, my friends…

A Challenge Within A Challenge

Hey, is it your first time visiting my blog?

It is?

It is not?

Welcome or welcome back. Let’s start to make things interesting.

Two days this past week, I didn’t feel like there was much going on upstairs. A writer needs a brain to, you know, write.

Some days are like today, when I was actually zonked out on the couch watching YouTube videos, until I looked at the clock and thought OH SHIT! I forgot to write my entry for today.

Other days produce posts like what I wrote yesterday, when the words seemingly poured out of my mind, with ease and emotion. Only three people have clicked on the post from yesterday, even though I think it’s the best one I’ve written so far, so please check it out, if you’re so inclined.

For the next five working days, I am going to throw myself a bone and do a challenge. You know what a challenge is: it’s when someone says they’ll do something for a finite amount of time and then talks about it for that finite amount of time.

So, for the next five days, I am challenging myself to get out of bed whenever I first wake up, if the time is 5:30 am or later. So, if I wake up at 4:45 am, I am taking my ass back to sleep. But, if I wake up at 5:41 am, I am going to do the thing where one moves their body from the bed and into the waking world, ready to take on adventures.

I wonder how this will go? I am sure this activity will give me some fodder for the next few days. I am sure it’ll suck, too, because I change the sheets on Sunday nights, so I am basically dooming myself to spend less time with my fresh sheets come morning time.

What do you think? How will I do?

Have you ever tried this? Leave me a comment below…

Until tomorrow, my friends…