Voting Early

Today, I participated in early voting here in Harris County.

It was kind of an exciting experience.

I usually go to voting during off hours, very early in the morning. Today, like a dum dum, I went at lunch time.

When I exited the car, several people came up to me and told me who they were and asked for my support. It was kind of like being famous, people rushing up, trying to get my attention. No one asked for my autograph or asked me to sing, though.

Voting itself was uneventful, thankfully. The machines are not touch screen but they kind of look like they should be, so that was weird.

Afterwards, I asked for an I VOTED sticker. I put it on my forehead because I just like to advertise how much fun participating in your government is, especially since people who look like me have not had the right to vote for all that long. It’s been several decades, but for me, it’s still exciting!

Go out and vote y’all!

Until tomorrow my friends…

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