My High Maintenance Habit

FIRST: Thank you to everyone who liked or commented on my post yesterday. I received the most likes I’ve ever received, but more importantly, I want you to know that I felt re-energized to continue to use this blog as a place to practice writing. I appreciate you taking the time to click like or comment and send some good energy out to a stranger. You rock.

Now for the blog post:

I have been called high maintenance in the past. But honestly, and frankly, the guys who told me that can go suck the handle of public bathroom toilet. SUCK IT!!

I’m not high maintenance; I yam what I yam, to quote the forever wise Popeye the Sailor. I truly am not high maintenance, at least not overall, but I do have one thing that I require: high quality tea stuffs. All the stuffs: the kettle, the tea, the honey, the mugs. It all must be divine.

In 2016, I visited Bergen, Norway for a few days and had this amazing rose tea at a restaurant. That tea changed my life, even though I’ve never found that exact tea ever again.

I have been able to find some close substitutions, however, thanks to a visit to the Twinings store in London last year. Now, I sometimes order some tea to be shipped to me, all the way from the UK, to my US doorstep.

Believe it or not, international shipping for tea is very affordable. You can get an entire box full of tea shipped from the UK for about $16. I order tea maybe twice a year, so the cost isn’t that bad.

Today, Santa Claus aka the mailman brought my box of tea boxes. Check out my tea haul.

Someone had to hand write on this box that it was filled with tea and was safe to transport internationally. Thanks, Maybel (is that what the writing says?)!



A box of drinkable treasures…let’s look at all the tea I ordered. 20180217_185810


I plan to drink this tea when I’m feeling very fancy. I can’t open this box without a finger or two in the air. How cute, there’s a RIBBON! I’m so excited.



This is the tea that I drank tonight. I opened this box because green tea has a bit less caffeine that black tea and it is kind of too late to drink a lot of caffeine. But, I had to open a box! Boy, oh, boy, this stuff is SO SMOOTH. I added a little sugar, but not too much. Mmmm! Also, this box was slightly damaged, so that’s another reason why I opened it first.



This tea is the closest that I’ve found to the elusive (and possibly out of production) rose tea that I had in Bergen. This tea is also mega smooth; I mean if your tongue had fingers, drinking this tea would be the equivalent of touching silk while listening to Barry White. Get the picture? SMOOTH AF!



My second favorite tea blend is any of the Greys: Earl or Lady, or if there are any others. I am not a tea aficionado; I don’t know everything about every blend of tea. Earl Grey is what first turned me on to hot tea. I had it and thought, hmm, tea is not just meant to be sweetened and iced, like we do here in the Southern United States? I’ve been a fan of hot tea ever since.

I am looking forward to trying this Earl Grey in the morning. Ah! Another reason (aside from not wanting to die, of course) to be thankful to wake up in the morning.


What do you think of my haul? Do you have a favorite flavor of tea?

And just like before, if you’ve read this far, leave me a comment or hit LIKE! I’d love to know that you’re out there!

And, if you have an idea for a blog post for me to write about, let me know!

Until tomorrow, my friends…


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