Random Things I Have Thought

It’s another slow news day today. I am very content and growing in my mindfulness practice, but honestly, there wasn’t a lot of crazy, sexy, or cool things that happened to me today.

So, here’s a look into my mind instead. Some random things I have thought about in the past.

Do guys use that vertical slit in the front of their underwear to pee from? If not, what is that slit for?

Do some people really and truly prefer pie to cake? How do they live their lives being so odd?

Do other people feel intense joy when something really great happens for someone they know or even a stranger? Am I the only one who gets emotionally invested in positive things that have nothing to do with me? I actively avoid negative things that have nothing to do with me.

When someone TPs another person’s house, do they go buy cheap toilet tissue especially for the occasion? Surely they don’t use their personal stash of Charmin, right?

How is everyone else able to handle alcohol so much better than me? What’s the damn secret?

Does anyone really think that garlic presses are really that great? I admire Gordon Ramsay and he uses one, but I’ve always kind of thought they were horseshit

What kind of random things are you thinking about?

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