It’s a Slow News Day

The problem with writing every day is you quickly discover that most of your life is pretty mundane.

I already knew this, at least intellectually, but it is really apparent some days, like today.

Today, I’m writing about soap. Kirk’s Castile Soap.

We used this soap when I was a kid. This soap could “scrub the black off yo ass” , according to many elders. And, it was cheap.

Nowadays, the manufacturers have gotten hip to the fact that more than poor Blacks are buying it and it’s actually kind of pricey.

I recently bought a bar at Whole Foods and was almost appalled to have paid the better part of three dollars for a single bar of this soap. That’s more than Dove prices, for crying out loud. I bought it anyway because I’m a sucker and a goober, apparently.

Is there anything from your childhood that you now think is super expensive?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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