4:04 AM

Day 2 of the 5 day Get Outta Bed Challenge was actually a CHALLENGE.

This morning, I woke up at 4:04 AM. Yes, you read that right. That’s not a typo.

Based on the previous rule that I set for myself, I tried to go back to sleep, since it was before 5:30 am. I was unsuccessful.

So, at about 5:40 am, I got out of bed and went downstairs. I was miserable. When I am tired, I yawn a lot (newsflash!) but I also  feel like a weird amount of heat in my body and head, like I have a fever. It’s very strange, but I feel it every time I am tired. I guess it’s my brain working overtime to wake up, wake up.

I drank a mason jar full of cold water and sat on the couch. I didn’t really know what else to do. It was SO EARLY and I desperately wanted to go back to sleep.

I sat there until I decided to turn on the computer. I watched a few mindless Buzzfeed videos until my brain was a little more awake. I then poured myself a bowl of those healthy, but bland, Whole Foods brand cheerios. I had it with almond milk and pecans; a possibly vegan breakfast for a definitely half dead zombie person.

Eventually, I sat down at my desk, about an hour later. I began to work. I have ZERO IDEAS that early in the morning, unless the ideas are about going back to sleep. I was committed to staying awake, however. I eventually drank a cup of Lady Grey tea.

I plowed through work until about 9:30 am when sleep came back around the corner. I was like a large brick that someone threw from a building; I crashed and thudded against the ground with a quick and certain weight. My eyes wouldn’t stay open; I fell back asleep for 90 minutes, sprawled across the bed, still wearing my robe, feet mostly dangling from the bed.

After the before noon power nap, I worked more, then made a salad with salmon. I knew I couldn’t eat much carbs or sugar, or else I’d end up back asleep.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful and my body adjusted. It was nice. But now, tomorrow I will have to catch up a bit on some work and hopefully my body will be more aware of all the work I have to do and my deadlines.

But, to be honest, my body just usually does what it does, and I am at its whims and wishes.

Here’s to hopes that I sleep past 4:04 am tonight!

Until tomorrow, my friends…


Oh, P.S. here are two photos that I took, one looking out the window before the sun came up and the other shortly after the sun rose. This was a nice part of being up so early.


2 thoughts on “4:04 AM

  1. I can imagine this challenge is very difficult. I have read other places that one way to try to wake up earlier is to gradually set your alarm 1 minute or 5 minutes earlier everyday or every few days until you reach your wake up time. Good luck!


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