I <3 The Winter

I have a confession.

You might think I am a Southerner, but I might not be. I might actually be from the, ahem, gasp, NORTH! Well, at least in my heart.

As I have written on previous blogs, I have an affinity for all things and places that are cold and miserable. Bonus points if they’re both cold and miserable in the same day.

My favorite places are London, England; Portland, Oregon; Niagara Falls, Canada; Mill Run, Pennsylvania (technically, the Falling Water House is what I love in this location, but let’s not forget that it is in a very northern state).

For the past few days, winter has made a big arrival here in the Houston area, where I live. I did not venture out yesterday, but today I became a bit stir crazy. I decided that I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED some tomato paste and a taco making kit. So, I bundled up and drove, on the surface streets of course, over to the closest Target store.

I wasn’t expecting to see as much ice as I did, but it was kind of gosh darn wondrous. Is this what it’s like to wake up and see the ground be covered in cold, white stuff in the morning? It was amazing.

I did quickly, learn, however, that lots of folks were not as impressed with the ice and sleet as I was. People rushed by me as I walked slowly into the Target, admiring the frozen freckles on the bushes outside. People rushed by me as I drove the speed limit (for once) and admired the shimmering ice on the surface of Memorial Parkway.

The sun was the kind of bright that touches the spirit; the kind of bright that bleaches away sadness. The contrast of the warmth from the sun and the bite of the chilled air makes me so happy.

I will say that I enjoy doing enjoyable and leisurely things in the cold. Would I want to be a traffic cop in 19F weather? Nah, probably not.

How’s the weather where you are?

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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