A Trip to IKEA

Yes, today, I am going to write about the trip that I took to IKEA today. I could write about the most impactful people and times of my life every day, but what would be the fun in that?

Have you ever played hooky from work and went to do something that would otherwise be tedious or boring but because you are SUPPOSED to be working, that thing is now the most magical activity ever? That’s what it’s like to go to IKEA at 2:00 pm on a Wednesday.

The parking was easy, navigating the aisles were easy, walking past their vast collection of printed napkins was not easy.

This trip to IKEA wasn’t especially interesting or revolutionary. I went there to look their offerings in the home office storage department. I took lots of photos of things I would like or would use. I actually only bought a glass bowl to organize my tea collection and two fabric closet organizers. I didn’t even bother to pay 50 cents for a bag, or whatever they cost nowadays.

I love going to IKEA and seeing all the nifty ways they display living solutions on the showroom floor. I always leave there thinking, oh, yeah, I could totally live in less than 300 square feet, even though I am sure the smallest apartment I’ve ever lived in was at least twice that size.

I am also a little achy today, and I am admittedly not feeling very creative. Too much time slumped over my computer coupled with general and ongoing anxiety, has left me in one big ole knot.

What mundane thing did you do today?

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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