Sit A Spell, I’ve Got a Story To Tell

My name is Nicole Dyles. I am a writer, teacher, baker, and instructional designer living in Houston, Texas.

As you can see, I have many interests, but the thing that ties everything I love to do all together is my natural ability to tell a really, really good story.

I have been an avid writer since I was in first grade. I still remember that the first “big” word I learned to spell was the word important. Since then, I have had an innate desire to learn and use the big words and the small words to tell the stories of my life and of others.

Stories, whether passed along verbally or through written words, are so powerful. Stories connect us to each other many ways, sometimes with the strength of rope, other times, with the strength of a delicate piece of silk thread. Stories are how we can see ourselves in others, and vice versa.

I am just getting started on this site, so I’d like you to keep coming back and visiting me. Here, I will practice my craft, learn from others, and write, write, write!

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